Secure your digital content
with SF Savage.

Open an account, specify your content in the panel, add the unique code to your content, and avoid theft.

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About Us

It was developed by Seckin Fikir INC in 2015. It prevents unauthorized use of digital content. This system was originally developed for Hacivat Game Android mobile game. After successful, the first version was used by various companies. It is currently fully compatible with the Unreal Engine 4 system. Full compatibility studies are continuing for all games and applications developed with Android Studio, Xcode and Unity.

SF Savage uses the DOT Algorithm Engine developed in-company. DOT Algorithm Engine creates what the security system core. DOT Algorithm Engine does not offer interface support and is not open to developers. DOT Algorithm Engine was first announced with the SF Savage 5 release. It is planned to introduce command support with SF Savage 6 version.


Single Panel

Track all user traffic from a single panel, ending users who do not approve.

Unique Key

Place the unique key generated for your project into the project and provide the link to the panel.

Security With SF Savage

Control all traffic after the SF Savage panel connection with the project, prevent theft.


We know the value of your labor that you spend in preparing your project. We want to protect your labor. It's the same quality in all systems.

  • Unreal Engine 4 - Ready
  • Android Studio - Ready
  • Xcode - Ready
  • Unity - Ready

We continue to develop for compliance with all systems.


HQ: 8 The Green, STE A Suite #6871 Dover , 19901 Delaware - US